Peter Geremia, Bl.

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Preacher, theologian, and reformer; b. Palermo, Italy, Aug. 1, 1381; d. there, March 3, 1452. Born of distinguished parents, Peter took a doctorate in law at bologna where he joined the dominicans c. 1401. His preaching won him the title of preacher general and the admiration of St. Vincent ferrer. In 1427 the master general, Bartholomew Texerius, sent him as visitator to Sicily (1427) where he encouraged the Dominican Observantines at the priory of St. Zita in Palermo, and developed the reform in other priories. Pope eugene iv invited him to the Council of florence (1439) and then appointed him apostolic visitator to Sicily where he was distinguished as a reformer. Five volumes of his Sermones have been published (Brescia 1502). His Dictionary of Morals and several theological works are unpublished. He is buried at St. Zita's, Palermo. pius vi confirmed his cult, May 12, 1784.

Feast: March 10.

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